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Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting Services by Promark Painting

Painting the exterior of any home, no matter how big or small is a significant undertaking. Unlike interior painting, selecting the correct paint that will survive extreme weather and adhere even during the harshest months year after year is even more critical.

Our skilled, professional staff will work swiftly and effectively to turn your vision into a reality, increasing the curb appeal and value of your property.


Make Your House Look Beautiful

The exterior of your house is the face you present to the world. You should be proud of it. Chipped, faded, or peeling paint is unappealing and embarrassing. It’s time you gave your house the treatment it deserves. An exterior paint job will restore your pride and make your house look new again. Leave it to Promark Painting. We’re a team of highly trained painting contractors with years of experience. We’ll use our knowledge and skills to make your house beautiful.

It’s hard to choose the right painting company for such an important job. After all, the outside of your house says a lot about you and your family. You want a company that understands how important it is—well that’s us. Promark Painting is a proud team of local painters with local values. We know what it means to be friendly neighbours. We’ll make your house beautiful and always respect your surrounding property; it’s the Promark Painting way.

Exterior Home Painting Done Right

Choosing the right color is hard enough. But painting your own house? That’s messy, difficult, costly, and time-consuming. It’s not a job for amateurs. Skip the hassle and hire Promark Painting. You won’t have to bother with purchasing or renting equipment. We use only the best quality paint, tools and equipment, and we’re always professional and efficient.


Your home exterior should look great and stand up to the weather. We’ll make sure your exterior paint lasts for years. The best way to do that is with quality paint designed to outlast snow, rain, and even extreme heat. As experts, we’re informed on all types of paints and how to apply them. We’ll consult with you on the best paints and finish for your house. We’re happy to answer any of your questions.

Painting Expertise and Thorough Cleanup

Once the surfaces have been meticulously prepared, the transformation of your home’s exterior commences. At Promark Painting, our crew is not just a group of painters but rather a dedicated team of seasoned residential exterior painting experts. With a deep sense of ownership, they approach each project with the care and precision as if painting their personal residence. Here’s a deeper look into our process:

  1. Priming for Perfection: Every area to be painted receives a coat of primer, ensuring an even and flawless finish that showcases the beauty of your home.

  2. Premium Paint Application: We believe in using only the best. That’s why we exclusively employ top-tier paints, guaranteeing both brilliance in appearance and longevity.

  3. Daily Cleanup and Inspection: Our commitment to excellence doesn’t end when the day does. We meticulously clean up our tools and the surrounding areas each evening. More than that, we invite you to inspect the day’s work with us, ensuring that we’ve not only met but exceeded your expectations.

Your daily life is important to us. Promark Painting’s exterior home painting services are tailored to integrate seamlessly with your daily activities. If you have plans to be away when our painting crew checks in, fret not! We’re flexible and will collaborate with you to establish a schedule that aligns perfectly with your needs.

Great Work, Great Rates.

The cost of painting your house exterior can vary depending on the size, materials, and construction of your home. We’ll offer you an estimate during a consultation, so we can go over the details before we start. We promise to give you great work at affordable rates.

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